‘Research Blah’ is a collaborative blog which grew from a training workshop: ‘Research Blogging in the Arts and Humanities’, which was run by a group of PhD researchers from the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde and Stirling. Recognising the real need for PhD students today to be well-versed in blogging, social media and communicating with a wider audience outwith the academy, the event focused on practical skills in ‘wordpress’, ‘copyright and ethics’ and ‘writing your first blog post’. The workshop was kindly funded by the Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities through the Cohort Development Fund.

research bloggers

This blog is a space for PhD researchers working in the Arts and Humanities to showcase their research, blog about the issues facing us as new academics, the PhD experience and reflect on research blogging more generally. You can see the first posts on research blogging here and here.

Each month we will put out a ‘call for posts’ on a specific theme and invite PhD students working across the Arts and Humanities to reflect on that topic. Check back in the coming months for more exciting developments!

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