The Editors

‘Research Blah’ is edited and managed by a team of PhD researchers from the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde and Stirling:

Maxine Branagh, University of Stirling

PhD: The Scottish Child Reader in the Long Eighteenth Century
Blogs at
Twitter: @maxinebranagh

Tom Davis, University of Glasgow

PhD: The Archaeology of Sacrifice in the Viking-Age British Isles
Blogs at ‘Viking Sacrifice
Twitter: @tomsnowball

Andrew Glen, University of Strathclyde

PhD: Britain, Empire and Opium: Reassessing Official British Attitudes towards Asian
Opium Consumption in the Late Nineteenth Century
Twitter: @andrew_glen121

Aaron McGregor, University of Glasgow

PhD: The History of the Violin in Scotland from its Beginning to 1750
Blogs at ‘Fillocks, fiddlers and others of that band
Twitter: @AaronMarkMcG

Lucie Whitmore, University of Glasgow

PhD:  Fashion in the Great War: Interpreting women’s experiences of conflict, through costume
Blogs at ‘Costume and Conflict
Twitter: @LucieWhitmore

Harry Wilson, University of Glasgow

PhD:  Practising Barthes: traumatic encounters between performance and photography
Blogs at ‘Practising Barthes
Twitter: @theharry_wilson

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